Friday, March 27, 2009

Finally..... The Giveaway

Thank you for entering. The giveaway is closed.
The winner will be announced on Monday.
I think this Smart Car would make a fabulous giveaway.
I know I would love to win one! Years ago, when I saw my first, I was smitten.
While I can't give a Smart Car, I can give you the next best thing.
O.K, maybe not the next best thing (depends on how you look at it) but still maybe some items that you might just fall in love with.

In a previous post I mentioned that I have an occasional cosmetic related gig. All those years with Clinique as a REM paid off I guess-hehe.
As a result, I receive some fabulous products to try. This girl can only use so much so it is time to share again.

The giveaway includes: a Bobbi Brown Limited Edition cosmetic bag.

A Bobbi Brown limited edition Shimmer Brick in Copper Diamond.

A Chanel Professional Eyeshadow Base in Lumiere Bright.

From Darphin (an incredible line from France), Arovita C Line Response Firming Serum.

A Trinket made by moi.

And last but not least, A Shimmer Brick Compact in Apricot from Bobbi Brown.
When I was telling my youngest about the giveaway and deciding what to give, he suggested that I add an additional Shimmer Brick. So, this extra item came from his input.

It is very easy to enter. Just leave a comment on this post.
If you don't have a blog, please leave your email address so you can be contacted.

The giveaway will end on Sunday April 5th (7 p.m. AZ time)
The winner will be announced Monday April 6th.

If you would like to be entered TWICE, just link my giveaway to your blog.
Please let me know if you have done so. Since my sweet one is still in the hospital, I haven't been visiting blogs on a regular basis.

So, that is it! Good luck.

I can't wait to see who wins! Yay!!!


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Hi Barb!
I am praying that your boy gets healed soon! The give-away is gorgeous! You are the one that deserves such a treat! I hope that you are taking care of yourself. GOD BLESS YOU! Thanks for visiting today! Bisous, Anita

Creations by Marie Antoinette and Edie Marie said...

Hello dear Barb!!! Thanks for stoping by,I'm doing Ok and yes driving...LOL...I would love that smart car though.Isn't that the coolest little thing.But you sure could not drive it on the interstate.You would be sailbarb...LOL...Do you know what sailbarb is?...
Of course enter me in your giviaway.I love cosmetics.At my age I need them. I'm just being funny today.XXOO Marie Antionette

Magnolia Memories08 said...

Barb this is my first time to visit your blog. What a great giveaway.Prayers goes out to your sons. By God's grace they will be healed. Have a great weekend..Plz enter me in your giveaway.

Anonymous said...

Those are great perks to have....I love Bobbie Brown. I use her foundation and Channel Lipstick..... Keeping you and your family in my prayers. Thank you for being so generous and thinking of us....

Warm Hugs,

Barbara said...

The serum sounds wonderful. If I win then I will probably suggest you send just that and offer the other cosmetics as another giveaway as they are not my colours although Bobbi Brown is a company I use a lot - lipstick, eye pencil, eye shadow. Everything else is Lancome.
Sorry your son i still in the hospital.Hard for you I know.

Renee said...

Barb I am not too too amazing, but thank you for the birthday wishes.


Unknown said...

You know that you and your family are continuing to be included in my prayers!

What an absolutely fabulous giveaway! I love girly stuff! Yummy! Oh, I sure hope I win this one! (is that okay to say "out loud"?) LOL!

Hope you stop on by for my 1st Blogoversary/100th post celebration! I'm even having a giveaway! Do come on over! Everyone is invited!!! :)

Anonymous said...

What a fabulous giveaway!!! I enjoy your posts and also was intrigued by all the smart cars I saw while visiting Paris!!!!

Attic Clutter said...

Hi Barb,
Valentino sure was a cutie and died soooo young..
I suppose he would've had a long-long acting career if he had lived..
Love the give away .. cosmetics are always a treat(:)
And can I enter for the car too LOL

Hope you have a good Sunday too(:).


Joanne Kennedy said...

I was so upset over your post above that I didn't even notice your giveaway going on. Thanks for pointing it out to me.

Of course I would love to win. Please enter me and I will post about it on my blog for you.

I have kept your son in my prayers as well as you and your family.

Big hugs to you.

Debi said...

Hi Barb,
This is the first time I have visited your blog, so much to look at and love the Smart car! Makes me look at my old Honda in a new light, maybe I could give it a face lift!
Well, I have enjoyed visiting and would love to be enetered in your give away!
I hope your son is better very soon!

Angie said...

You always amaze me with your generosity...I wanted to say that I love your pendants so much! I didn't even know you were making them...they are just gorgeous! I definitely have 1..2..or 3 of them on my Wish list....heehee!

love ya! Angie

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Barb!

Wow! What a lovely giveaway! I would love to be entered and I will put it on my sidebar to advertise it. And I will even mention it on my post that I am doing today! (even though it may narrow my chance to win LOL)
Your giveaway is wonderful and so generous! Thanks for stopping by mon amie.

Bisous, Sherry

PS I am learning french, slowly, from Anita @ Castles, Crowns & Cottages! She's so sweet!

Carole Burant said...

Hi Barb, I'm here via Sherry and I'm so glad that she announced your giveaway:-) Please enter my name, I so need new cosmetics! lol I will go put your giveaway in my sidebar:-) xo

Nana Trish is Living the Dream said...

Barb, I for sure want to be in the giveaway. I thought I had already entered. My memory is so pitiful lately. It looks like a wonderful collection of products I would love. I will guide people over to your blog. I am going to put your giveaway announcement on my blog. luv ya, Trish

Allidink said...

Hi I would love to be entered in your giveaway! Makeup is my passion. I was going to be a makeup artist but my parents made me go to college first lol. I also blogged about your giveaway! Thanks!

All the best,

Rebecca Ramsey said...

What a great give away!
I'll link to your blog with a pic on my sidebar.
Thank you for being so generous!

Deanna said...

What a great giveaway! Please count me in! Thanks :)

Kaizen Fashion Project said...

Yay! What a great giveaway! Thanks!

Melissa said...

Oooooooo such a nice giveaway! Your blog is beautiful!

Elizabethd said...

I've just caught up with your giveaway and would love to enter..if you dont mind that I live in France!

Kim's Treasures said...

I love cosmetics! Count me in!

Have a wonderful weekend!

Barbara said...

I thought when I made my comment on your top post that you had not had a large response, but looking here i see that you have.

Theresa @ Take A Sentimental Journey said...

whew I just barely made it in time to sign up for the giveaway ! What a great giveaway Barb !


I'm so glad I found you on Sherry's blog...
and Please enter my name in your great giveaway!!!
Thank you so much...
come visit me sometime..
Deb :)

Michele's Treasures, Teacups, and Tumbling Rose Cottage said...

Thanks for offering such a nice and fun giveaway! ; )
P.S. Lovely blog!

Unknown said...

I found your fab blog by way of Attic Clutter. It's a great blog. I would love to enter your giveaway as well.

I'm having a giveaway as well if you'd like to pop over and enter.

Attic Clutter said...

HI Barb
Just stopped in to say Hello(:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Barb
I love bobbi brown and the rest of the goodies. I hope to win!
My prayers go to your sons and to the rest of your family.


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