Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Rust and Roses- The magic outside the shop

I promised another post on the fabulous destination shop..Rust and Roses.
Shelly is a master at putting together a shop that is filled with treasures. 
Look up, look down, unique items everywhere.
This post will take you outside the doors of the shop. So much to see.

This is one heavenly fridge. Cute, huh?

 Seriously, you could spend a good part of the day just looking
at everything in her outdoor location.

I know she is busy right now getting things ready for the 
August 16th opening. She has a good eye and did some serious 
sourcing this summer.  Next up will be SIRENS AND SAINTS.
Whoo hoo!

Stay cool. 112 here today and pretty humid. I am still shocked when summer
arrives each year.

If you have a little bit of time, click on the mini magazine on the left side of my blog.
The story of The French Elements was one of the features in the current
issue of Belle Inspiration. Mimi does a beautiful job.

Big hugs XOXO

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