Saturday, January 29, 2011

Getting those tickets

It is not French but so much fun.

I know, I posted sweet Snowball ages ago
on my blog.

Rod Stewart and Stevie Nicks are coming to town.
We are trying to get tickets.

Perhaps this video will help our chances. Hehe.


Have a music filled weekend.

Big hugs!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Come on through the door...

The celebration is about to begin.

Please help yourself to a glass of bubbly
as we toast the winner of The French Elements giveaway.

While I wish I could send something to each of you lovelies,
hubby said "no". Party pooper.
The winner of the 1st giveaway for 2011 is Miss Tattingchic.

She is the mistress of all things tatted (and a really terrific lady).
I am so glad we reconnected through facebook.
AND I thought I would never get hooked on Facebook. HA!
Congrats to you Tattingchic.
Thanks to each of you that took the time to come by and enter.
I appreciate each of you.

I know I have not been a great blogger but there is so much going on that
blogging has taken a back seat.
I do love all of you though!

Jeff called today and we chatted for a couple of hours.
Made my month.
When I mentioned his surgery in the last post, I was kind of vague.
I really had no idea there was a problem.
He had a small (thumb size) "tumor like" thingy appear
on the side of his head.
It interferred with wearing a helmet and the Army wants
you to wear your helmet when necessary.
The surgeon removed it (BENIGN-THANK YOU GOD)
and all is good.
As usual, he sounded fantastic. Music to this mama's ears.

So, let us lift a glass to Tattingchic on her win.
May there be many more winners.

Have a happy week.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sending out a little LOVE

I am so thrilled that my little bout of "whatever it was"
is on its way out.
I have even been able to work on some custom orders.

I think this calls for a petite giveaway.
My first for 2011 (I still can't believe it is 2011).

The giveaway starts today and the winner will be announced
on Sunday evening, January 23rd.
Now, the important stuff.

The photo above is of a sweet embroidered burlap pillow.
It is the perfect size at 14 inches.
I think it looks springy and cheerful.
The word LOVE is embroidered in Hot pink with pink and white detail.
I love it. I know I am biased-hehe.

Every giveaway I have, includes some Chanel.

I think French, I think Chanel.
The collection of Chanel products will be a little surprise.
I know you'll LOVE them.

If you are interested in entering, just leave a comment.
I will post up the winner on Sunday evening.

I have to tell you that I got off the phone with Jeff just a little while ago.
He had surgery today. I didn't know about it before the fact.
That might have been a good thing.
He is fine and sounded just wonderful.
God Bless the Air Force Surgeon.

Good luck on winning The French Elements giveaway.
Crossing fingers for you......

big hugs,

Saturday, January 8, 2011

In the grip of la grippe

When I said "bring it on", I was not talking about
La grippe.

It does sound so much better in french though.
Don't you think?

After Dorothy and the ladies left, I got a nasty ole bug.
Not how I envisioned 2011 to begin.
Thank goodness it didn't make its appearance until they had departed.

I may never catch up on blog visiting.
Appetite-nada. Not so good for a skinny mini.

This too shall pass. I just wish it would pass quickly.

Since it is taking its sweet time, I am focusing on positive things.
Like the harbor in Monaco.

Back to rest- you where what I'll be dreaming of.
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