Monday, November 30, 2015

Still here

Well, tomorrow will be 5 months. Truly feels like it has been forever. I guess it will always feel that way to me.

Thanksgiving was the first big Holiday. Of course Christmas is right around the corner. New Year's day will be the 6 month anniversary and his 33rd birthday is 2 days after New Years. much. So many milestones.
I want to thank those who reached out even though I disabled comments. If there is a will, there is a way. It truly meant the world and will not be forgotten. XOXO.

Earlier in the year, we planned a trip to Spain. We have fallen in love with the country and decided to visit some areas that were on the bucket list. When my son died, I wanted to cancel. Then hubby got sick again and was hospitalized and I really wanted to cancel it. When he received the go ahead from the Dr and shared how important he felt it was for us to take this trip, I caved. We went earlier in the month for a few weeks. We had a marvelous time and it gave us precious TIME to really discuss the future. Coming home was difficult you can imagine.

The past couple days, we have been going through "things" that need a new home. While the photo below may look like we are hoarders (hehe), I can assure you, we are not. 

I cannot wait for the pickup tomorrow. Sad to say (one of my sons expressions), I had to call to arrange a pickup. The last time I put bags by the garage doors (not on the curb), someone swooped in and threw the bags in their truck. Karma....

This photo was taken from the garden looking toward the Royal residence of Aranjuez. So beautiful. The grounds and Palace are spectacular, the town is charming! Could be a new fav. hehe

 Enough rambling.
Older, grayer, but still kicking. God is good.

Thank you for stopping by and give someone a hug today. 

Always big hugs

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