Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Rust and Roses- The magic outside the shop

I promised another post on the fabulous destination shop..Rust and Roses.
Shelly is a master at putting together a shop that is filled with treasures. 
Look up, look down, unique items everywhere.
This post will take you outside the doors of the shop. So much to see.

This is one heavenly fridge. Cute, huh?

 Seriously, you could spend a good part of the day just looking
at everything in her outdoor location.

I know she is busy right now getting things ready for the 
August 16th opening. She has a good eye and did some serious 
sourcing this summer.  Next up will be SIRENS AND SAINTS.
Whoo hoo!

Stay cool. 112 here today and pretty humid. I am still shocked when summer
arrives each year.

If you have a little bit of time, click on the mini magazine on the left side of my blog.
The story of The French Elements was one of the features in the current
issue of Belle Inspiration. Mimi does a beautiful job.

Big hugs XOXO

Monday, July 16, 2012

Rust and Roses..... in Phoenix (caution- lots of pics)

Every once in a while, you meet someone and you know they are destined for GREAT THINGS.
Years ago, I was transferred to Phoenix. I was with Clinique as a Regional Education Manager
and had been for many years. As a "trainer" I met many people and traveled like a Mad woman.
I know you are not supposed to have favorites, but one young lady stuck out. I always enjoyed spending time at her counter. She knew her stuff and I was pleased she was on the line. 
She WAS destined for great things!

When I left the company, I received letters, cards, and other keepsakes.
Well, you already know I hang onto things that are important to me.

A couple of years ago, I opened a box that I had not been in for ages.
On the top was a card from Shelly. I read it, got a little weepy and put
the box away. You know where I am going with this. A couple days later,
I happened to be in the Melrose area of Phoenix doing a little shopping. I went 
into a wonderful shop. There was a woman with her back to the front door. I walked in,
she turned around and it was SHELLY! I started screaming (and of course happy dancing
because that is what I do) and we started to catch up.

Shelly owns 2 incredible shops (it was 1 at that time). Rust and Roses, and
Sirens and Saints. Right now she is closed and on a whirlwind buying adventure.
The shop reopens August 17th. I took so many pics when I was there last. I thought I
would give you a glimpse into her magical world. She does have an outdoor area as well
but this post will only show her main shop. Sirens and Saints and her outdoor area
will be in another post. 
That way, I will have to post again soon-hehe.
Here goes.... lots of pics. ENJOY!

Are you still with me? THIS STORE IS DIVINE!
I can't wait to see what she brings back. 
She has a good eye and a good heart. That was obvious many years ago.

Stay tuned for Rust and Roses Part 2.

P.S. Thank you for your kind words about Army son. Things could be better but
they could be a whole lot worse. I'll be takin the better.

Monday, May 21, 2012

It could have been this

 When I was carrying on about the Italian fixer upper, I could have had this. O.k, maybe not "have" in that sense of the word
but we were right there.

To refresh your minds, this is the Italian Fixer upper.
This or.....

This stunning villa is called La Pausa and it belonged to
Mademoiselle Gabrielle Chanel. It was build for her by The Duke Of Westminster.
Staying in Menton, we were up and down this area on a very regular basis.
Roquebrune Cap Martin is to die for.

I could have been getting ready to start my day in a setting like this.
 But no...... I am thinking about this.

The potential of the fixer upper.

La Pausa was on the market and I didn't know. 
Can you even begin to imagine the stories that house could tell? Ooh la la!
Alas, it has been sold and not to me-hehe.
Check out the link if you have a chance. The pics are swoon worthy.

Be still my heart.

On another note, Army son (aka Jeff) has his surgery tomorrow,
What is left of 3 disc's in his neck will be removed. Titanium brackets and screws
will be inserted and the the vertebrae will be fused.
Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers. Life is a little crazy for him
right now and I just wish I could make things better. SO......please keep him in your prayers.
Many thanks!

Happy week. Love and hugs

P.S. Pretty pics compliments of Sotheby's Realty.

Monday, April 30, 2012

My Italian fixer upper

So, I have wanted a little place to fix up for a while.
Whenever we are in France, I always pick up the "dream books" that are in front of the 
realty offices. They are swoon worthy reading, let me tell you.
Since we were so close to the Italian border, we decided to visit. Big mistake-hehe.

I am not a picky person BUT I do have some requirements.

There has to be a fabulous market.
This is one fabulous market. Just look....

Such variety.
And there has to be lots of these....
truly majestic flowers.

 Besides food, I need a regular market to fill all the other needs.
O.K, I checked off another requirement. Loved the market.

 I would love a beautiful walkway to my house.
Are you ready? AMAZING!

There is more.
Hubby has to look good while crossing the bridge to get home. 
This is an eye rolling moment. Love ya hubby!
Just across the bridge. Ahhhh.

I require a killer view. Are you ready? 
The angels are singing.

Now, I mentioned a little fixer upper. I can see the potential in just
about everyone and everything. This house is no different. It just
needs a little LOVE.
It has potential, just needs some minor repairs.
The back is quite spectacular as well.
Just a little work. Hubby could actually see the potential as well.
So, there you have it. Just keep going back to the view.

We had a great time, it went by way tooo fast.
I purchased some goodies which will eventually make it
to The French Elements. Can I just say VINTAGE and EXQUISITE.
Back to reality today. My car broke down on the way to the store and had to be towed 
to the dealership. Not going to stress but going to focus on my little
fixer upper. I may be walking everywhere (very European).

Hugs and love!

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Greetings from the south of France

Oh my goodness...... having the time of our lives.
We have experienced so much already. 
Sunny days, gusty wind, rain, HAIL.
It all seems ok here.
Keeping this short, just wanted to say "bonjour".

big hugs to each of you.

P.S. I have taken so many pics. It will be a fulltime job going through them.

Friday, April 13, 2012

He Said...(part 2)

FRANCE.....and she started running around the house screaming.
Actually, he had me at FR. Didn't need to finish the word. We leave
for France day after tomorrow for several weeks. Pinching myself and 
thanking God. I can't wait to visit some of my favorite markets again.
Hopefully, we will return with some good finds. I hope to post while there, ok,
I said HOPE. Not promising. Hehe.
If I don't show up back here or on Facebook, I am probably floating
somewhere in the Med. 

Love and big hugs!

Au revoir

photo- google images

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Easter wishes

I am so thankful for the greatest gift of all.
It is not about the meal (although we love it),
the clothes, the baskets, the eggs, but about life.
Forever. May each of you find that gift this year.
Big hugs,

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

March Happiness

Two posts in one month, go Barb, GO!
I wanted to share some photo's from BOHO Farmers/Flea Market.

I have to tell you that this virgin had a marvelous time. Hubby went also
(he was a virgin too) and is still talking about it. The people, the setting, truly
fantastic. It was wonderful to connect with some facebook friends too.

This was taken from my area looking toward the back of the house.
Debra's booth is at the right. That gal had some fantastic finds!

This booth belongs to one of the sweetest gals on this planet- Sabrina.
I had to dodge a few times because women were literally running to see her goodies.

Couldn't you just move into her booth? 
I sort of moved in there-hehe. She took me under her wing and loaned me some
tables and other goodies so I could spread out a bit more.

WhimsyJunk was my other neighbor. Those gals were full of life as you
can see. Helpful too! Next time I will be using the little BOX attached to my phone for credit cards.
Thank you ladies!

This is another shot of Debra's booth. She and her hubby did an
amazing job and boy did her goodies fly out of there.

O.k, here it is. Humble but it definitely worked!

My hat is off to Caroline and her family. Amazing, amazing, amazing!
If you have not visited her, you NEED TO.
Caroline has talent galore. You will want to spend some serious time on her blog.
Click below to see some true eye candy. Her house and yard.... a dream
Boho rocked!

Hope everyone is having a great week.
love and hugs
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