Friday, May 2, 2008

Within Sight?

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My youngest son (25) has multiple health problems including Type1 diabetes. He was diagnosed with it at the age of 9. I must admit, when he was hospitalized and the Doctor gave us the diagnosis, I didn't realize the magnitude of this disease. Blindness, kidney failure, nerve damage, stroke, are just a few of the complications that
are associated with Type1 diabetes. My son has been experiencing some of the complications for several years.
When I look back at what my life was like when I was 25, the difference is day and night.

JDRF is working non stop to find a cure. They are truly a great organization.
While November is known as National Diabetes Month, Diabetes is 12 months , 365 days a year.

A cure is within sight, I just pray that it is in time.

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