Friday, May 23, 2008

My Memorial Day Hero

My Dad was a man of few words with a very big heart.
I never heard him say anything unkind about anyone. His philosophy was "to speak no ill". What a wonderful role model. He was quick to help anyone without wondering what's in it for me.

My dad was a veteran of world war 2. Because of the sacrifices he and his generation made, we are able to enjoy the life we enjoy. My dad was an entrepreneur.
Looking back now, I can see how hard he worked to build his business. He never complained and always looked forward to see what the next day would bring.

He passed away on Memorial Day 3 years ago.

While we are enjoying the long weekend, remember to
give thanks for what all our servicemen and women have given us. Without their sacrifices, the world would be a very different place.

1 comment:

Connie said...

Your father has my thanks, sweetpea! I love our veterans especially since I am a wife, mother, daughter, granddaughter of veterans. I'm sure you miss him and your tribute to him made me cry............

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