Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A gem of a project

Well, it has been a few months.....again..... My intentions are always so good but time is so scarce.
I know you can relate. I admire my fellow bloggers (can I even call myself that?) that blog daily, weekly, or even monthly. One of these days it will happen for me.
I just had to share something with you. You know of my fascination with transforming a "humble" chateau. Well, this is the real deal. If you have a chance, check it out. The journey is inspiring.

photo from

Here is the link. I promise you will love it.

Perhaps when WE (hehe) purchase our little fixer-upper in Spain (remember the Italian post that had Army son believing  we had purchased that little fixer-upper in San Remo?)  I will post about it. 
Seriously, hubby is having some new issues so we could use a little prayer. Thank you in advance.

Take care, I miss you.

Big hugs from Barb


Elizabethd said...

So glad to see you today, and will say a prayer for you both.

Lorrie said...

How nice to see a post from you. That's an amazing project. I just can't imagine the vision some people have (or the money) to renovate a 94 room chateau. It's lovely to dream about it, though.
Sorry to hear your husband is having problems. Will pray. Take care Barb.

Theresa said...

Hi there my long lost friend:) I always dance a little jig when I see you on my sidebar! I will add your Husband to my prayer list! Don't stay gone so long, ya hear? I am going to the link about the project now! HUGS!

Barb said...

Thank you dear friends! Hubbs says "thank you" for the prayers. I do too! I am hoping to visit later tonight.

La Petite Gallery said...

He is in my prayers too.
As I get older I want to downsize again. My yard maintenance is killing my pocket book.

Betty Baker said...

Nice post. That's a wonderful project.

Betty Baker said...

welcome back....missed you a lot.....

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