Thursday, March 3, 2011

My confession

In high school, I was kind of a hippy. O.k, I WAS a hippy but in a good way.
My hippiness was legal-hehe. I can remember my high school days so
that says a lot. When I saw a re-do of what I called the ultimate
hippiemobile, I was intrigued.
If you haven't seen it, this is The Bulli.

He was (I think it's male) introduced at the Geneva Auto Show.
This is not the VW van I knew and loved.
How sweet is this? I sound like a hippy!

This Bulli is a one- off.
It seats six, is electric, and uses an iPad for just about everything.
With gas prices what they are, he is looking cuter every time
I glance at the pic.
Can't wait to see them on the road.

Today is Thursdays Marketplace at Shabby Cottage Shops.
Stop by, if you have a chance.

I want to thank all the blog followers that have come from Networked Blogs.
Of course, the followers from Blogger, you know I love and appreciate you.

In keeping with my hippiness- PEACE OUT PEOPLE!



Ms. Bake-it said...

You are too cute Barb! When I saw the Bulli it brought back memories of childhood. My parents had a red & white VW van when I was a little girl. Actually, come to think of it, we also had a red VW Beetle! Yeah, they were hippies!

~ Tracy

BonjourRomance said...

I am sure you were a hippie in the very best way!! Love the should go for it! Hope all is well with you mon amie!
Hope your week has been a good one,

Betsy Brock said...

Oh, I think he's quite handsome! I wish he was in my garage!

Theresa said...

Peace-out my hippie Sista! I was of the hippie persuasion too:) I'll find a picture of my "real life" hippie van that I owned! Have a blessed evening, HUGS!

Margaret Cloud said...

I have never seen this car but it looks beautiful and I like that color.

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