Monday, December 6, 2010

150 minutes, 32 seconds

Time, precious time.

150 minutes, 32 seconds .

It doesn't sound like much time but I have to tell you

that it was time well spent.

I was sitting down with a cup of coffee

this morning when the phone rang.

It was JEFF calling from the Philippines.

There is a 14 hour (I think) time difference

so it was very early Tuesday morning for him.

We had the nicest chat.

It was the best way to start the week.

This Army mom is still floating.

Now, if they could only do something about

the wonky internet service so I could see him.

I'm not complaining, a phone call is a marvelous gift.

Happy Monday!


Theresa said...

Oh what a wonderful way to start the week! I remember those calls when Justin was in Afghanistan! I only got a few but sure cherished them! He called his Mama every time he could get his hands on the phone:) So HAPPY that you got to have a nice long chat with your sweet Son! Enjoy your evening, HUGS!

Kim's Treasures said...

I'm so glad you got to talk to your son! : ) What a wonderful surprise!!!

Barb said...

Hi Theresa & Kim,

Yay! It doesn't take a whole lot to make me happy and this call was so wonderful. Long, chatty, and funny.

Big hugs to both of you!

Pondside said...

It is wonderful that you can speak with your son, so far away. I'll bet it made your week!

Elizabethd said...

How nice to have such a phone call, it must have been such a happy time for you.

A Tale of Two Cities said...

Definitely an early Christmas present. Hope there are some more coming your way, just as special.

Happy December,

Moments of Grace said...


As a Mom who is also a distance from her son, I can tell you that a phone call makes a Mom very happy. I am so glad you had a chance to speak with your son.

Blessings to you today.

In Grace,

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