Sunday, May 23, 2010

If I had only known....

Peter Tarry/Sunday Times

I would have snatched it right up.
In my dreams.

In the 70's and 80's, I was a huge Laura Ashley fan
(for furnishings).
I loved looking through the catalog.
The sales associates at the local shop, knew me by first name.
Not good.

Her products just made me feel comfy.
They felt homey and the boys didn't complain-hehe.
She had amazing style and amazing homes.

A friend sent me this link because she knew how
much I loved Laura.

Winkworth France

Isn't this fantastic?

I wonder if the house sold?
It makes me happy to think she created so much of what i loved in her "little"
French house.


Nancy's Notes said...

Remarkable!! I would have been right beside you trying to snatch it up too! Yes, it is fantastic and thanks for sharing! Happy I found your blog!


Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Hey Barb! Love it. I have black and white checkered floors in my kitchen, pantry and dining space with a pine harvest table exactly like this. I love my home, and I love these photos. How are you dearest? I meant to tell you that I stopped by your shop this morning. WOW....everything is marvelous.

I hope everyone is well, and the new baby must be just sweet!

Bisous et bonne semaine, Anita

Leave a Legacy said...

Yes, I love it, too. I also loved Laura Ashley clothes. I had a beautiful L.A. dress that was a favorite. It would be considered out of style today, but I still love it.

Betsy Brock said...


I loved LA, the 80's and 90's! I lived close to a LA outlet store, if you can believe that! I owned one of everything they sold for years and years from clothing to furnishings. I just about died when they closed the store!

Theresa said...

Beautiful! Love the checkered floor:) Have a blessed day my friend! Hope all is well with you and your sweet Son! HUGS!

C'est La Vie said...

oh i would love this home!!! yes please :)


Pondside said...

I'd be in line at the Realtor,right behind you, Barb!
I loved Laura too - at one time, in rented military accommodation, I slipcovered the furniture in a gorgeous apricot rose pattern - did my daughter's bedroom in a pink trellis. At The Great Dane's 1990 Change of Command parade I dressed in Laura's red and white sailor dress and put our then-three-year-old Lillypad in the little girl version. I was a fan!!

Sea Witch said...

Love the ckeckered floor like so many other posters. What a great kitchen for preparing good food and having family and friends over. I can see everyone hanging around the kitchen. What fun. Sea Witch

Rebecca Ramsey said...

Ooh. I used to love that shop. They even had one in Clermont for a while and I loved shopping there. What a gorgeous house. We can share it in our dreams. :)

Huff Harrington said...

What a gorgeous, quaint home! We love all your posts, Barbara. We will miss you Friday evening at Huff Harrington Home, but hope to meet you if we ever cross paths in France or Atlanta! Best, Ann Huff & Meg Harrington

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