Friday, April 23, 2010

I'm so excited about this new toy

While yesterday was Dorothy's birthday, I received some presents too!

Before Jeff left for Texas, they did a little shopping and

picked up this webcam for me.

I know, I am way behind the times-hehe.

Dorothy said it would be easy for me to set up.

Notice it is still in the box.

I may have to call in some backup to help me out.

The little guy on the box looks very friendly but the

webcam looks slightly scary.

Not so good with things like that.

They also sent the program from Jeff's graduation

and a DVD (and yes, I cried).

I still can't believe he is fluent in Indonesian.

I love the message to the graduates

and thought I would share it with you.

The DLIFLC'S Linguist Creed

is very powerful as well.

Language as a weapon- powerful stuff.

You go Yankee Samurai.

I am off and running to a doctor appointment and then to my

2nd life (proms await-hehe).

I hope to visit you all this weekend.

Have a fantastic Friday.


Elizabethd said...

You will find your webcam such a delight. we talk to our family and friends all over the world on ours....just get someone to set it up for you!

Connie said...

You'll have fun with the cam watching your kids and grandkids, sugar! I love my iSight camera and use it frequently.

Which language did he study at the institute?


Bossy Betty said...

So cool! I am sure you are very proud! Thanks for sharing the program with us!

Jacque said...

Hello Barb,

I am excited about your new cam. I use mine several times a week and love it!

Happy to catch up on the news about everything going on with you lately. I am running way behind on my blogging!

Have a great weekend.

C'est La Vie said...

how fun!!! getting my mac book saved me from being lonely so i can video chat with my family whenever i want!

Pondside said...

We skype with the grandbabies every week - it's the best! You'll have lots of fun with your webcam!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Dearest friend,
What an achievement your wonderful son has made...and you, the proud must be flying high! I love your enthusiasm dearest; I have no sons, but if I did, I would be as proud as you. There is just something about having a boy, I LOVE GIRLS, but a son, I don't know. He is just a lovely man, and all because of you and his dad. Bless you all! Anita

Theresa said...

I have a webcam but have never used it so don't feel bad Barb! I know you are proud of Jeff, what a fella and a smart one too! Language as a weapon, that is huge!

Hugs to you my friend and have a blessed day!

Sandy said...

I would be lost without my webcam.. my daughter lives in Guam with the USCG, and my son in MI,USCG, and my sister lives in Saudi Arabia.. I can sit and talk and laugh and see them all.. not to mention my grandsons still know who I am...
Enjoy your new toy, you will wonder how we lived without it!
I am following your beautiful blog..

Barbara said...

Do hope you get to use your webcam. Have had mine for some years and not used it. Was meant for connection to Grandson but him Mum & Dad have not set theirs up yet!!

Sea Witch said...

I couldn't live without my webcam. This is how I keep in touch with my son when he is down range and my raviolis in Italy. You will wonder how you ever got along without one. Sea Witch

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