Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Finding my Ho Ho Ho

To be honest with you, we weren't sure if the Christmas tree was even
going up this year.
November left like a lion (wrong month for that).
A dear friend lost her husband and my son
had a few ER episodes.
I just wasn't feeling the HO HO HO.

When hubby brought in the boxes packed with ornaments,
it was like visiting with old friends.
I feel that way every year but had forgotten how wonderful
that feeling really is.
I needed that.

I have never been a theme gal when it comes to the tree.
So many of my favorites were made by the boys over the years.
Many of the other ornaments were picked up on trips or
gifts from friends.
I love all of them.

I thought you might like to see a few of my favorite things.

The heart above was made by Jeff when he was 4.
The little carved bird was a gift from my dad.
A customer made it for him.

This once fit Jeff. Hard to believe he had feet this small.
Oh, I do sound like a mom now.....

Nothing better than a paper gingerbread man with glitter.
Another Jeff project.

The ornament above was made by my youngest son (JW).
That picture captures his spirit better than any I've seen.
This one makes me smile and smile and smile.

JW loved his glitter too.
And I love his paper gingerbread man.

Isn't this little framed photo precious (sounding like mom again).
JW at 3. Hard to believe he will be 27 next month.

Looking at this post, I guess I am a theme gal after all.


Lorrie said...

Memories and family are some of the best parts of Christmas - sweet ornaments made by little hands. They grow up so fast, don't they?

glad you're finding your holiday spirit


Theresa said...

Those ornaments are my favorite kind. The ones with real meaning:) I hope your HO HO HO comes right down the chimney and gives you lots more smiles! Have a blessed day!

Lori E said...

My sons are 22 and 26. For years we put the keepsake ornaments on the tree until the last pieces of macaroni fell off the frames and the paper chains were shredded.
Now my tree is all my decoration choices. It will be different if I ever have grandchildren I guess but for now I love the elegant tree.

Connie said...

I'm understanding what you mean, sugar! A few family situations have taken away my HO HO HO also, chickee. But I'll persevere and Love Bunny and I will make it a great Christmas no matter what. Happy Christmas, sweets...

Kathy said...

Your homemade ornaments are precious. They must make your tree very special. I'm glad you'll be getting in the holiday spirit in spite of your troubles last month.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Dearest Barb, how precious these ornaments are...and in many, many ways, much more beautiful than the shiny kind! They are the art of your heart! YOUR BOYS! I am sorry to hear that there were some ER moments. God give you peace dear one. Anita

Angie said...

What a great idea to hang baby shoes on the I gotta go dig those Like I don't have enough to sift through already...I do love Christmas decorations! I am still giggling about your son's facial expression on that ornament. He looks ornery..heehee! What a special tree...I am so glad you decided to put if up after all. What a treat for the soul!

Hugs to you my friend...Angie

2sisters said...

You have to love the homemade kid ornaments. We help my parents decorated their tree every year (now the grandkids do anyway), and it is fun to see all of our own homemade ornaments. Thanks for becoming a follower of our blog! Hope you find things that you enjoy!

Unknown said...


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