Tuesday, November 10, 2009

In a place far way

Many years ago, (1971) I had the opportunity to
be an exchange student in the Netherlands.

The family I lived with had a family member that was part of the Dutch
resistance during the war.
He shared remarkable stories of hardship, bravery beyond belief,
and what it was like when the Americans arrived.
They felt it was very important for me to see where
many of those brave men were buried.
It was a very moving experience.

My father was a veteran of WW2.
He didn't really talk about his experiences.
I think they must have been too painful.
I know the sacrifices that generation made changed the world as we see it.

And now, I have my own soldier son.
I am so grateful for the sacrifices that these young men and women
are making on our behalf.
If I were younger, I don't know if I could step up to the plate the way they have.
I am so proud of our military.
While I adore all things French, I am very proud to be an
American and an Army mom.

God Bless our military


Theresa said...

My Dad was also a veteran of World War II. (Navy) I tried to talk to him many times about it and he would tell me a few things, but very few! It was bad, I know! I am proud of your Son as I am of my Marine Nephew! I appreciate their service and please pass that on to him. I love them all and pray for their safe return! Have a blessed day!

Ldy ~~ Dy said...

Very thoughtful post. I am very grateful for our veteran and active warriors. We must never forget their sacrifice. I know you are very proud of your son as you should be. We must keep our soldiers in our daily prayers! Please come on by and check out my anniversary giveaway!

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Yes, God bless your son and all those brave people who put their lives on the line. I am so saddened when people like those at Fort Hood get caught also in the middle of senseless acts. God bless you and your household dearest Barb. Anita

Charm and Grace said...

God bless your mom's heart and your son for his service to us. We are indebted to so many! Thanks for this lovely post.

Love you,

Anonymous said...

Beautiful post~~and thank you so very much for you and your son's sacrifice to protect and defend us all. May God Bless him and your family and all of our brave men and women who were the uniforms, past and present.

Beautiful blog...I am a new follower:)


~Let FREEDOM Ring!~

Barbara said...

Must have been a special trip y ou made to the Netherlands with all the family experience related direct to you.
Thanks for birthday wishes, appreciated.

Jacque said...

Barb, you are so fortunate to have been able to live and study in other countries and to learn such a varied history.

YES...I love the US and everything that our country stands for--YES, we have many problems that need better solutions but I would rather be here than any other place on earth--AND that includes my "escape from reality" dreams of living in the French countryside!

Please tell your son that I am so honored that he has chosen to serve his country and protect our freedom. God bless him and protect him from all the evils of war!

Have a great weekend!

Elizabeth and Gary said...

So true. My Nephew is also serving his 3rd tour with the Marines. God bless your Son and a very big hug from me.
Have a great week,

Betsy Brock said...

God bless your son...and all of them!

Unknown said...

My grandfather was a veteran too. He few years after the world War2 now my grand mother is 91 years old. She would always tell stories about my grandpa. These soldiers deserve the families love and support. I am proud to say that my grandfather is a hero.

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Unknown said...

I salute to all the soldiers around the world who scarifies their lives for peace and order.

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Leigh of Tales from Bloggeritaville said...

Beautiful, beautiful post.
I applaud your son for his service. It is these young men who are real heros -daily heros. If I ever see anyone in uniform, I make it a point to go and shake their hand and tell them how proud I am and how I admire their commitment to this great country. Truly the few and the brave. I am thankful for your son.
Thankyou, Barb!

Anonymous said...


Unknown said...


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