Friday, October 10, 2008

A MeMe of all things seven and an award

The music today is kind of tongue in cheek. The first time I heard this song I laughed and laughed. I really don't want to talk about me all the time but I thought it related to this post-hehe. Grab a cuppa coffee, this is quite a long post (for me anyway).

The super Tattingchic gave me this sweet award as well as a meme tag.

Thank you so much for the award (created by Diana Evans). It is appreciated more than you know.

The award was designed to be given to the wonderful people that are visited regularly. These are people that have inspired me and shared their wonderful lives with all of us. I only ask that you nominate some of the wonderful people you visit regularly (paraphrased a bit).

I just love all the blogs I visit and only wish time allowed me to visit each of you daily. As fall progresses, I am scrambling for time.

This award is for all my sweet blog friends. Please, please feel comfortable to pick it up and put it on your blog. Same thing with the meme tag. I would love to pass it onto everyone that has not played with this tag.

Don't be shy! Please pick it up and share with us.

Meme- all things 7

1. 7 things I plan to do before I die or DREAM BIG

1. pray to live long enough to see a cure for all cancers and Juvenile Diabetes

2. Take the girls to Europe (dream big). Jeff was Annika's age the first time he went.

3. Learn to knit

4. Learn to tat (TC, you have inspired me)

5. Drive a Grand Prix car ( hubby has fallen off his chair at work if he is reading this)

6. Gain 20 lbs

7. Visit New England in the fall

2. 7 things I do now

1. Try to gain weight

2. Spend time with family and friends

3. craft

4. working on a big change for TFE

5. Advocate for my son

6. Did I mention try to gain weight?

7. spend too much time in the car

3. 7 things I can't do

1. knit

2. tat

3. sing on key

4. open most child proof containers

5. seal resealable bags correctly

6. golf

7. Crochet

4. 7 things that attract me to the opposite sex

1. sense of humor

2. their laugh

3. good vibe

4. spirituality

5. the smile

6. kind eyes

7. honesty

5. 7 things I say most often

1. Yay

2. Oh My

3. oh my goodness

4. What?

5. Huh?

6. Praise God

7. I hate to bother you but......

6. 7 celebrities I admire

1. Paul Newman

2. Audrey Hepburn

3. Mary Tyler Moore

4. Robert Redford

5. Eunice Shriver

6. Mother Theresa

7. Jackie Kennedy Onassis

7. 7 favorite foods

1. Rice pudding

2. Tapioca pudding

3. Ice Cream

4. Salmon

5. salads

6. rice Krispy treats

7. Hot Chocolate from Angelina's

Thanks for reading. This was a longgg post for me-hehe

Everyone have a safe and blessed weekend. Again, please pick this up and run with it.
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