Friday, June 13, 2008

My Husband Rocks!

Katy Lin over at The great adventure
came up with a marvelous Friday theme-My husband rocks.
She is a newlywed and really is committed to honoring her marriage. When I read her post last week, I decided to participate as well.

I consider myself a newlywed also. October 10th we will celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary. Yay! My oldest son introduced us (yes, he was playing match maker). Ray was Jeff and Dorothy's neighbor. In fact he knew Jayde from the time she was born. My youngest son would go over and visit his brother so he knew Ray as well. Talk about fate!

My husband rocks for many reasons. He gives unconditional love not only to me but my children. He thinks of them as he would his own. He adores our granddaughters. He makes me laugh, he is there for me when I need to cry. He is supportive of whatever I would like to do. I think he brings the best out of me.
He also has the ability to bring the best out of others.

I still pinch myself sometimes- love at almost 50! I am living proof that miracles occur.


CIELO said...

My goodness.... I'm already in love! Que elegante! :)

Hey Barb... The House in the Roses is having a garden party and would love to see you participate.... come see and show me your beautiful garden!

Hugs, and a blessed weekend to both of you!


Amanda Jo said...

This is such a sweet post! He sounds like an amazing man!

Thank you for leaving such a nice comment on my blog. My hubby and I will also celebrate 5 years this coming fall (sept. 13th).

katylinvw said...


your hubby sounds wonderful! thanks for telling us about him!


THE Stephanie said...

Very sweet! You guys look fabulous!

Attic Clutter said...

Very sweet and heartwarming story
~~There still is life after forty~!!! (:) Hugs Patty

Unknown said...

What a lovely post. You are a handsome couple and I think it is soooo cute that your oldest son introduced you! That is so sweet!!!

Edie Marie's Attic said...

Hi Barb!
What a beautiful couple you make! I love the photo of you two. I'm so glad you found each other. Love is a wonderful thing isn't it!
Hugs, Sherry

Bebe said...

Hi Barb,
What a sweet post about your wonderful husband! I can tell you are still like newlyweds because the love just flowed through your words. Congratulations on almost 5 years together ~ in today's world, that is a great milestone!! You two look so happy together!
Hugs, Bebe :)

Penny from Enjoying The Simple Things said...

How romantic and sweet! Barb, I received my sweet giveaway today! Thank you so much, they smell wonderful!

Charm and Grace said...

What a perfectly sweet story! I am so happy for you!! It's even more interesting because my mom had the same experience... she met her hubby (of 5 years this past August) through a friend of my brother (her son). She is happily married, and I am very thankful that she found such sweet love later in life (she's sixty-one.)

Thanks for sharing your story and sweet photo with us.


Rachel's Journal Pages said...

That is great. How fabulous to find love when you perhaps weren't really looking?...
The photo of you two is stunning - you both look amazing.

katylinvw said...

i tagged you!

Elizabethd said...

Lovely photo. My eldest son introduced me to my husband also, but tht was 29 years ago!

Rebecca Ramsey said...

I'm so happy for you! And you look great together!
A fun post--an on my wedding anniversary no less! Love is in the air.

Barbara said...

How wonderful to find such love in your 50's. Great photo of you and your Dad.

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