Thursday, April 16, 2009

Grateful, grateful, grateful

We are doing the happy dance around here and thanking God.
My son will be going into the assisted living facility today and he is so excited to finally be released from the hospital. We are hoping that he will only be there for several months but ....... not up to us.
For those that have been keeping him (and us) in your thoughts and prayers, I can't thank you enough.
Sadly, I received a few comments telling me to stop whining. I didn't look at it as whining. I guess it is the difference between seeing the glass half full or empty.
Oh well, not gonna rain on my parade!

We had the opportunity to speak with Jeff briefly on Saturday. YAY!
God has him where he needs to be and mom is at Peace with it (just took a little while).

Another reason to celebrate, I won a fantastic giveaway.
Teresa Sheeley is kind, talented, and an amazing artist.
I entered her giveaway and WON.

I love her pillows and won all three.
Can you believe it?

These tea towels are to die for. I won them too!

Last but not least, this original piece of art by Teresa.
When you least expect it, blessings come your way.
Thank you my friend! I am still pinching myself.If you haven't visited her site, you are missing out on a treat!What a fabulous week this is!


Unknown said...

That is all good news! So glad to hear your son is being released from the hospital. I hope that the assisted living facility will be a comfortable living situation for him.

Congrats on your wins! The pillows and tea towels are just beautiful! You are very loved and appreciated in blogland regardless of what a few "bad apples" had to say!

So glad to see that your computer is working again! It's wonderful to see a post from you again! :)

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

YEAH BARB! You are a winner in all the sense of the word! Your son is coming along, you are at peace (that has been my specific prayer for you!) and you won a beautiful prize! I also won a great book from Tristan's blog just yesterday! I found out JUST BEFORE I was considering stopping blogging forever! Things come our way to remind us that we are in HIS hands. You were never whining; you were reaching out and we love you!!! Blessings, Anita

Angie said...

Patience and Prayer pays off! So glad he will finally see something other than hospital walls everyday! Now, how lucky are you to win such a fab giveaway..drooling over those pillows, girl! Life is such a will always have ups and downs...all you can do is take it one step at a time and be happy in the smallest of moments. The bigger ones seem so much more amazing that way!

LOvE yA! Angie

p.s. I will never understand those who take the time to leave negative comments..why?

Anonymous said...

What wonderful news!I'm so glad your son is doing better. I will continue to keep all of you in my prayers. Congratulations on your wins! Please don't pay any attention to what those bloggers said. I agree with Tatting Chic. You are loved here in blogland and we care very much for you and your family.

Elizabethd said...

That is wonderful to hear. you and your son must be so releived to finally hear that.
I cant believe that people have made unkind comments to you, how very unpleasant. You have never whined, just shared, and we all need to do that at some point.
What a very nice win!

Jacque said...

You certainly have alot to be grateful for. I am not familiar with the history of your sons illness but nevertheless, I am a mother and I know it is to be worried over a child--especially if they are sick. I do wish him the best and hope that all turns out well for him. Congrats on your big win!! Those gifts are TO DIE FOR. I've seen (and coveted--in a GOOD way)those on Fifi's blog. Don't let negative people get to you--have a happy weekend.

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