Tuesday, April 29, 2008

In a land far away

This morning I had on the Today show to watch where in the world is Matt Lauer. Matt was in the Netherlands. I promptly sat down and watched the entire segment.

Many years ago I was an exchange student in Epe, Holland. I always had the travel bug but this experience really was magical. I fell in love with Europe and ended up living there a few years later.

While the photo is a bit fuzzy, the memories are clear. This is the house I lived in with my dutch family. Just as lovely as I remembered it.

I am so grateful for that experience.


Marilyn B said...

What a gorgeous home. European homes are so beautiful and I my favorite are the quaint english cottages. Thank you for sharing your memories of Europe I enjoy the pictures. (P.s. I got an award to!! Woo Hoo! It's our lucky week!)

Take Care,

wanderlustnpixiedust said...

I am also a big fan of Holland! The blog is coming along quite nicely I might add!

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