Sunday, September 26, 2010

Oh Happy Day

We are starting the week out on a very positive note.

Tommy is doing so much better.

While he will remain on medication, he feels good enough to

look for lizards (his thing).

He even feels good enough to to a doggy happy dance.

Yay oh yay!

As you can see on the sidebar, Andrea is growing like a weed.

I just love that 3 week old picture of her.

A few posts ago I had mentioned that J.W.

had services that were sorely needed cut.

Well, this squeaky wheel got them reinstated.

Big yay. That is a huge load off of our minds.

I was able to talk with JEFF!

He is not where I thought he would be by this time

but is headed there very soon.

I hate being vague.

His brother is calling him "Jack Bauer".

Kind of cute but not really :(

Only 1 year to go until he will be back in Hawaii.

I may have some good news coming up regarding

Dorothy and the ladies.

Lots of prayer going on about that.

With Christmas less than 3 months a way
(screaming in my head),

I have been working on some new goodies.

Below is a little preview of things to come
(that is a little piece of burlap on her skirt).
Some new items will be arriving this week.

I'm so excited!

All in all, today rocks and I am so grateful.

Have a wonderful week.


Pondside said...

It sounds like lots has been happening at your place - and there's more, perhaps, to come.
re Christmas: just keep breathing!

Kim's Treasures said...

Glad your doggy is feeling better and that all your squeaking paid off! You go girl!

Thinking of you!!!


Theresa said...

Yippppeeee for happy days! I love that sweet little baby, she looks hungry:)

I am happy that you got the services reinstated for J.W.! Huge victory!

I am praying for Jeff and Dorothy that all things work out for them both!

Have a blessed evening! HUGS

"I could never forget you:)"

Shabby Anne said...

Glad you had such a great week Barb! I am watching 60 Minutes right now showing the 101 st at work in our favourite foreign country. My son arrived at FOB Sharana last week via Bagram and called and left a message saying everything is going well. I am just so glad he is not in the Infantry or Air Cav. It would be funny if our sons bumped into each other, after all, it is a small world nowadays.

Peace and love (and bring on the secret shopping).....Anne

Rebecca Ramsey said...

What good news! So glad things are hopping.
That baby is a cutie pie. Looks like somebody is doing a great job with the feeding!

Lorrie said...

So glad to hear that things are looking up! I'll be watching for the latest news...

Thanks for commenting on my blog today. I think I scroll through the wedding pictures on my computer at least once a day, reliving the magic.

Bonnie said...

Hi Barb, sounds like a lot of positivity going on!

A BIG shout out to our Tommy Boy! Such a happy picture of him.

Love, Aunty Bonnie, Sadie & Kitty


Oh that is good news indeed(")Barb~
Cute doggy ~

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

BARB!!! Oh my has been a long time! Your granddaughter is SO CUTE and big now!! She looks so much like her FATHER! You must be beaming with pride and love. Oh dearest, I saw you in the Belle Inspiration too! Isn't it fun to be a part of that? I am trying to work on my article for November; this school year is extremely demanding with new duties and double the students, but THANK GOD, we are WELL. I am glad to see old Tommy back on his paws, chasing lizards...what a sweet life!
God bless you and your household dear Barb, and thank you for visiting! Anita

Angie said...

I love those days when everything just seems right in the world. Wishing you lots more of those! Baby Andrea looks so healthy and happy...too precious! Have a good week, my friend....squeak squeak!

Hugs ~ Angie

Elizabethd said...

So glad your dear dog is better, that must be a relief.
Thank you for coming over to visit me!

Twyla and Lindsey said...

So glad your sweet dog is doing better! Have a nice week! Twyla

Ms. Bake-it said...

Thank you for visiting! Love happy days! I am so glad to hear that Tommy is doing better. He looks adorable rolling around in the grass. Andrea is a doll! I sure hope that the news you may have about Dorothy and the ladies is that a visit from or to is forthcoming! So glad to hear you were able to speak with Jeff!

May God bless you and your family Barb.

~ Tracy


hehe--- Oh that Tommy (:)

Betsy said...

looking for lizards...that is so cute!


OH MY goodness Barb
80 ghosts and goblin.. how fun-- we used to have a zillion too but no more they go to the flat streets(ours is a hilly area) or Malls/schools I guess..
Have a good one ok..hugs,Patty

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